Unboxing: Painting Buddha Supporter Box

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Second post today (out of 3). Here i want to tell you about the Painting Buddha DVD Set in the supporter version.

So let´s hop right in!

First you have this huge, nicely designed and high quality box!

When you pull of the heavy-paper-super-glossy-sexy sleeve, you get this awesome magnetized content box:

So what is in there? At first, a thank you Card and two booklets about "Who we are and how to be a better painter" and secondly about "preparing our resin miniatures". Definetly very useful for starters.!

Then of course the 6-DVD set. No need to say how awesome this is. (Review of the DVDs and Miniatures when i have wathed it!)

Nice buttons. I love buttons!

The Steelbox containing the minis.

And of course the minis and base themselves. Really great cast and quality! Expect a more detailed review in future!

Now get your chance and order your supporter´s box here: http://www.paintingbuddha.com/ and be sure to join the revolution here: http://masterminis.blogspot.de/

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  1. Thanks for the review! You have SHARED, now ENJOY it ;)

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