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BT Dread Torso WIP 2

Hey ladies and gentlemen,

i´m coming to you with the second WIP of my Dread´s Torso. I hope you like the result. Still struggling with taking good photos. ;)

Harlequins Part 2 of 4

Here is the next bunch of Harlequins. 4 of 10 done.

First WIP better foto...

I reworked the Picture of the previos post. This is how the Reds look in reality (likeley).

BT Dread Torso WIP 1

Hey all :)

Here is the first WIP on my Dread´s Torso. The red has a lot more contrast but it is a hell to take a picture of reds. The OSL of the face will pop out more, when it appears on the surrounding parts, but they have to be painted first. ;)

I hope you like it.

Comission Work: Eldar Harlequins and Shadowseer: Reference

Hey all. I am doing a comission work. The customer and myself chose the color scheme of lolers Harlequins from the brushbrothers and scale it down to a so called "higher-Tabletop Standard", as the 10 harlequins and one Shadowseer will be gaming miniatures.

Today i finished the first one, which i will take as a reference. I will proceed in groups of 3 models and the Seer at the very end.

I hope you like him. Its around 2 and a half hours work.

BT Dread Autocannon finished...

Hey folks, long time no see.

I hat a kind of "painting-depression" but it is over now and here you see the final pictures of the autocannon. Now i am satisfied with the overall look, even of the gun barrels.

They were such a pain to paint.

Hope you like him :)

BT Dread Autocannon WIP1

Hello everyone. Here is my first WIP of the Dread´s Autocannon.

I am not satisfied with the gun barrels. I tried different versions and this was the less crappy one. Don´t knowh how to paint them otherwise. Also i am really frustrated overal at the time.

I have the feeling, that i can´t do anything right, or clean, or smooth. :(

What do you think?

BT Dread Chassis Finished...

Here i´m back at work! The Chassis is done. Not really satisfied with the NMM Steel on some parts on the legs due to the (horrible) cast quality. Next time i have to spend more time to clearing before the painting process.

But i hope you like him. ;)