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First "Top last 7 days"

Hey there ladies and gentlemen.

Finally i got my first mini showing up in the "top last seven days" site on CoolMiniOrNot! Nice.

I have not much time for painting stuff at the moment, because i have a new job at one of europes biggest travel companies as a media designer. A LOT of work right now. But it´s awesome!
I am painting a Black Templars Paladin with everything i have learned in the last time and try to increase the contrasts in NMM Golds and steel further.

So stay tuned. ;-)

New Black Templars Bases!

Hey there everybody.

Do you remember my old bases for my Black Templars gaming army? This ones:

old Bases

Yes, they looked soooo stupid. So i made new ones out of slate stone. Then i painted them with a mix of Codex Grey/Regal Blue, brushed with Fortress Grey and then a light drybrush with Skull White. After that i glazed them with thinned down devlan mud and later with thinned chaos black, to shade the stones. Here is the picture, i hope, you like them.

new Bases

Black Orc Waaaghboss

Hey there everyone.

As i was told my paintjobs often look too clean (i heard that a lot about my chaos models) i tried to do this Black Orc. He comes a little bit more grungy, i hope. What do you think?

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Chaos Sorcerer

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

i want to present you my finished Chaos Sorcerer from the Storm of Magic.
Tourned out nice, i think?

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