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Dark Eldar Comission: Hyemshin Bikes

Hey there everybody,

welcome back to the last bit of Dark Eldar Comission: The Bikes ;)

They are finished. So does the whole Dark Eldar Army. What does this mean for the next time? Retourning to some nice painting on my Dreadnought. :) So stay tuned.

Oh, nearly forgot the pic:

Dark Eldar Comission: Hagashins

Hey ladies and gentlemen,

finally the footmen frenzy is over! 20 Hagashin are finished and only 6 Bikes are coming and then this huge army comission is completely finished. ;)

First Unit

Second Unit

Dark Eldar Comission: Warriors

Heeellooooo everybody out there!

i´m back with (again) an other progress update. This time: Warrior Time! 20 of them! Done!

First Unit

Second Unit

Dark Eldar Comission: Lelith Hesperax reworked

Hey there everybody! I have reworked the skin and the haircolor of Lelith Hesperax. Looks nicer now ;)

Normal Warriors up next (20 of them)

Dark Eldar Comission: Succubus

Hello guys, welcome back to another progress update on Dark Eldar Comission. This time i finished the succubus.

Dark Eldar Comission: Inccubi

Hey there Ladies and Gentlemen,

i am coming at you guys with anoter update of the Dark Eldar´s Army progress. This time i finished the Inccubi, which was a lot of pain to do, because of really really crappy finecast quality! From a painter´s point of view Finecast just sucks!

But anyway i hope, you like them. :)

Comission Work: Emperors Children Havoks

Hey there, long time no see.. SO busy at the moment. Painting the whole day (still Dark Eldar work^^)

Here are some pictures af a short comission work i have done. It´s a 5 man Unit of Chaos Havoks for a gaming army. It tells a bit of a story, since the older the models are, the more mutations and rusted armory they have. Hope you like it^^

Chaos Havoks


Heavy Bolter


Autocannon 1

Autocannon 2