Self reflection after "losing" on GD Germany.

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today i want to tell you a bit about my experience of the GD 2013 in Cologne, Germany. It was my first GD ever and i will reflect the feelings i had after the event. I will not cover up the Event itself with pictures etc. because you will get a really detailed article here:

and also probably a report here:

Massive Voodoo

So let´s see how the GD turned out for me. The title says "after "losing"". I put "losing" in quotation marks with a good reason!

So at the event, i entered five entries. Nurgle Dreadnought in 40k Vehicle, Black Knights in Fantasy Unit, Demonette in open, Theoden in Lord of the Rings and finally my Imperial Fist Standard Bearer (pics will follow this week) in 40k Single.

All five got a finalist medal (wow those are stylish!). But none of them placed on the trophies. In that moment i was quite happy with my result, 5 Medals in this hard competition ist HUGE! Everything was fine with my fellings. Till the 3,5 hours ride by train back home. That was the time, the bad feelings kicked in.

After an event like this you always have a devil and an angel on each of your shoulders, constantly whispering and tearing your mood into all possible directions.

This is what the devil said while driving home:

- "Losing" sucks badly!! (Quotation marks again, yu see?)
- What more must i do to place on the demons?
- Are these competitions a thing i really want to do?
- Why am i stressing me with competitions?

This is what the angel said:

- I got stunning reactions on my works while the competition and the evening before. Also from absolutely reknown painters!
- I like the challenge in competitions.
- I am a rather new painter, painting for 3 years now. Time will come, where will I be in 3 more years of improving?
- I get motivation to more dedicate to projects and will get rid of "rushing" mistakes.

I like them :)

 So finally my mood is getting up again and i really pull much much motivation out of this "loss". I met awesome people from all over the world, i got insane feedback, and i had a lot of fun! In future i will dedicate more, diving deeper into my project´s themes, concentrate more to not rush, and simply continuing to do that things i think i can never do.

So this is it with all those quotation marks. I did not lose! I won in so much aspects. I learned many things about myself, i met great people and i gained much motivation to proceed and work harder. And attack with nice projects next year (if there still is a GD).

So lets all have more love, more fun and more happy painting!

7 Responses to Self reflection after "losing" on GD Germany.

  1. Dellolyn says:

    Don't give up man,saw your entries at the evening before GD and all I could say, you are a amazing painter with fresh,nice ideas and inspirations.
    It was nice to meet you and nice to listen to you how you paint this and this.
    Five entries at the finalists is amazing!!!

    Enjoy happy painting and good luck for the next time. It was really nice and inspiring for me to meet you.

  2. Slidr says:

    Gratulation for your achievements :) i really enjoy all paintjobs so just keep on painting and i'm pretty sure you get the medals faster as expected.
    'Rushing' is currently my biggest problem.. you are not alone :)


  3. M R Lee says:

    It was an insane competition mate, so I would have to agree that 5 out of 5 finalist medals is quite the accomplishment here, and not really a losing result. Especially considering the categories you went for. Very encouraging! I would listen to the angel more though and dive deeper, and do more on the themes to get to those trophies! Till next year mate!

  4. Tim says:

    Hey man,

    Competitions are like that, but still you did quite well. Be happy about the finalist awards.

    I would also like to correct something in your article. (yes, you can call me a jerk if you want.) Losing is spelled "losing". One "O."

    Sorry for being like this. I know you might not be a native English speaker. ( and my German is really shit!)

  5. Solmar says:

    Thank you all. I edited the "losing" :)

  6. Hmm, tut mir ja fast leid für dich, ich war mir eigentlich sicher, du würdest zumindest einen abräumen.
    Allerdings sind 5 Pins natürlich nicht schlecht, und die Konkurenz war teilweise schon echt hart.

    Naja, wie dem auch sei, solange du zufrieden bist hat es sich ja gelohnt. Glückwunsch von mir zu 5 Erfolgen!

  7. No regrets and no sorrows, getting a finalist badge for all your entries for the first attempt is nothin' to be ashamed. As it's been said, I really hope the angels words will drive you to your deamon next year:)

    Verpinselte Grüße,

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