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Back home...

Finally we are back at home. It was an awesome yourney, fantastic landscapes, cool people, and yummy yummy Guiness. In the next days, I´ll paint again. :)

Here are some impressions from the holiday

Irish Clover

Dunluce Castle

Cliffs of Moher

Celtic High-Crosses

Nice Waterfall

Holidays ;)

Hey all...

there will be a break for two weeks from sunday on. This is because i´ll travel to ireland with my wife.
So we´ll see us later ;)


BT Dread Chassis WIP 4

Hello everybody ;)

Here is the 4th WIP of my Dread´s Chassis. NMM goes on. I increased the contrast in the Golds. Hope you like it ;)

BT Dread Chassis WIP 3

Hey there..

here is teh further WIP of my Dread. Some SENMM on the round parts.
Feet are finished. but still a lot to do ;) A little bit too less contrast in the pics, i´m sorry.