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Chaos Lord WIP 2

Hey there.. sorry for not posting at the time. I have to do a LOT at work till the end of may. But i am still working ;) Here is a little update shot of my Chaos Lord. I decided to paint him fully NMM in a Word-Bearer-like scheme. I hope you like it.

Chaos Lord WIP 1

Here are the first pics of my Chaos Terminator Lord. The Reds are near to finish. The other parts are still primed/testet with some stuff, ignore these parts ;)

Sorry for bad quality, 2 weeks to go with this camera ;)

First Terminator finished...

Finally here it is. After much of testing new techniques (yes, my first real and serious attempt on NMM on this Mini), it is finished. I hope you like him :) Comments welcome and feel free to rate it on CMON ;)

Sneak Peak Forgeworld arrival part II

Hey ;)

Here is a really small picture of my second part of my forgeworld order.
Black Templars Terminators with storm shields and shoulder pads from FW.
There will be close up shots on each model after priming ;)

Forgeworld arrival part I

Hey there..

ist was a great moment, when my Forgeworld order arrived. :D

Here are the pictures of my first part, the second part is still to asembly. ;)

Chaplain Venerable Dread with Autocannons and Assauld drill, which will be played as a Venerable Dread wit assault cannon and Close Combat weapon in my Black Templars gaming Army.

And a Nurgle Dread which will be a Showcase Model. ;)