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Nurgle Dread WIP 11

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, long time no see. What went on here so long you ask? Let me explain:

- My son keeps us busy and we spend a lot of time watching him sleep, scream, eat and so on ;)

- I got my new Alienware laptop (M17x R3) and buyed me Skyrim. On highest settings with graphic-enhancing mods at 60 Frames rocks!!! :) Awesome game and LOT of inspiration for Mini painting.

Sooo.. now the unbelievable: The Nurgle Dread is finished!!! Yes, painting is done. I made the torso and assembled the whole thing. But the project itself is not finished, as i need to build a base and paint it. So expect more in future. :)

Here are pics of the Nurlge Dread´s Torso: I know the circle-thing does not look nice, but this is to not reveal the whole model, this will be done once the project is finished. ;-)