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Win a Happy Monk painted by Ben Komets!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today you have the chance of winning a Happy Monk diorama painted by Ben Komets himself. Just be sure to hop over to in order to get your chance, like i do with this post. :P

"Monster" from ertigo miniatures - my first bust!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

This time i want to show you a fun project i made in order to relax from the hard work of making the Black Knights. Also, this is my first bust! I saw him at the Duke of Bavaria and had to paint him! :)

Here you can vote:

Putty and Paint

I hope you like him!

Cheers, Solmar

Black Knights finished!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

I want to show you my unit of Black Knights. It was a fun and challenging experience to paint a unit at a really high standard. Texture, freehands, conversions, little sculpting work on 5 models take their time.  :) I am really happy with the result.

Click to view full size!
Click to view full size!
 Here are further links, if you want to rate or comment:

Putty and Paint: P&P

Cheers, Solmar

Duke of Bavaria 2013 Report!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today i want to report of my weekend at the Duke of Bavaria. It was an awesome event! Meeting so much new and nice people, connecting, building new friendships. It was like a family-meeting!

For me it was the first time i ever got to a painter´s event and a competition. I participated with a display containing my Nurgle Cybot and my finished Black Knights (which i will take photos of today). This is what happened to me and i am amazed and euphoric when i write these lines:

I made an entry in the Fantasy Painting Standard category as i have never been on a contest and just wanted to look, where i stand level-wise. I have not expected to get anything there, just looking what happens. After some time i got feedback from many nice people, saying my work looks really good, it should have good chances in standard, i might even could have participated in the master category.

This was the first awesome moment for me. Then i was asked to meet the jury and they told me that my entry was standing out of standard category and i could choose between getting Gold in standard or moving my entry to the master´s category. I was like: DA FUQ? Okay then i was so overwhelmed that i agreed to move to the masters.

It would have been awesome if the story ends here with receiving nothing at all.. But (and this sounds so insane) i received a silver medal for my display in the master´s category! Insane! To get things clear: The medal is not that important for me. More important is the feedback i received, knowing that i make a good work and that all doubts i had while painting my Black Knights were unnecessary! Feeling so great.

In the end i am super-motivated to keep on the happy painting and i will hop right into the next project!

Here is a link with further photos of (some) minis on the Duke of Bavaria:

Duke of Bavaria 2013 Pictures

Cheers, Solmar