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Pinselwut Blog in New Design!

Hey everybody!

I decided to present my blog in a new design, as i thought the old design was kinda dark. Comments section for every post is now easier to find for non-blog-visitors.

I hope you like the new design!

Nurgle Dread WIP 4

Hey there everyone,

i managed to finish my Nurgle Dread´s Heavy Bolter Weapon Arm. Claw-Arm is next!

Nurgle Dread WIP 3

Hi ladies and gentlemen!

Here is the last updaten on my Nurlge Dread´s Legs. I tried to add some more color nuances (hard to take a photo of) and light tips.

And i startet with the first arm. I am getting into it, making more contrast (in this case on the rust parts). The Armor ist still just basecolor.

And finally an awesome piece of music:

Hope you like my progress. :)

Nurgle Dread WIP 2

Okay, here is the second part of my Nurgle Dread WIPs.

I enhanced contrast by applying further shadows especially to the armor parts. :) I will now go on with the first weapon arm as i want to have some practise with these new techniques when putting paint on the important chestplate or banner.

Nurgle Dread WIP 1

Hey there ladies and gentlemen,

finally i am coming to you guys with a WIP of  my Forge-World Nurgle Dreadnough. I try to redo the Miniature Mentor Tutorial made by Bohun in order to improve my painting skills.

I followed the steps of the videos (i really recommend this tutorial as it changed my technique a lot and showed me some mistakes i made for myself in the past) and have finished the Chassis.

What do you think..?

New Photo Setup and Reshoots for Testing!

Hey there everyone!

Finally i have bought me some new Photo setup stuff for making better photos.

Here is my new photo setup (with a sneak peak of a new WIP ;)) :

And here are some re-shoots of some minis:

Chaos Lord

Ork Boss

Chaos Scorcerer

Tyranid Trygon
What do you think? The new pictures are a lot sharper and the colours look way more realistik if i compare them to the real models. :)