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Nurgle Dread WIP 10

Hey there ladies and gentlemen,

i have finished the banner. It was really fun to paint! I increased the color nuances on the banner and did the rust, and skeletons + demons. Details on this sculpt are awesome! I hope you like it!

Nurgle Dread WIP 9

Hey there!

Due to my beautiful son and also some serious Diablo 3 Beta testing i had not much time to paint. But now i worked more on highlights and shadows.

Nurlge Dread WIP 8

Hi there!

Aaahh, my son arrived at home together with my wife from the hospital. It is very hard but e is so awesome! And i found some little painting time in betweeen. ;-)

Started at the Banner. Rust is still basecolor.

aaaand my plinth for the dread arrived! Yeah! Looks very nurglish. Special thanks to the Sockelmacher (Plinth-maker). Be sure to visit his shop

A new life...

... is born.

Yesterday at 20:24 o´clock my soooooooo cute son Lennox was born. We are so happy right now. But don´t be afraid to see less painting here. I will use the times, when he is asleep ;-)

I am a father! YEAH! :)

Nurgle Dread WIP 7

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, here we go finally with another WIP update of my Nurgle Dread. I found some time to paint again and i finished the Claw Arm. Banner will be next! as i see more and more painted pieces of this model, i really start to like it so much! :)

Nurgle Dread WIP 6

Woooohooo, it´s time for ugly disease finger... uhm.. claw... urgh.. thing!

Hope you like it. Uhh.. or maybe better not! ;-)