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Jaws of the Deep finished!

Hey there you guys!

I have finally finished my little practise and testing model "Jaws of the Deep" From Helldorado. Goal on this Model: understand how metallic paints work, because it is the first attempt to paint metallic paints beyond gaming level.

I hope you like him :)

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Painting for who?

Hey there ladies and gentlemen,

in the past couple of days i thought a lot about my motivation in miniature painting and why i do certain things the qay i do.

And holy crap, when i thought about these things in detail it was surprising that my main motivation in miniature painting was exactly what Jarhead from describes as the "dark side of painting".

I painted not for myself but more fore CMON ratings, fame/acknowledgment in forums and so on. But this is not happy painting at all. Sure, people from german or polish and of course you blog readers give me really nice advices, how to do things better. And i appreciate this very much!

But from now on i will focus more on painting what i like and HOW i like. As an example (which i will give you photos in the future) i wanted to have some parts on my Nurgle Dreads Base in True Metallic Paint. But i didn´t do it for quite a time because i thought "other people would not mix NMM and TMM in one Project". But now i think: Hell yeah, but it will look really good, so let´s do it! Because i will like it.

There are a lot of nice things to come.. A TMM test-miniature is nearly finished and i hope to post it here to the end of the week.

Thanks to all of you guys fore supports and nice words! Especially to Zaphod Beeblebrox who made me think about this questions with his awesome point of view about such things just as the Massive Voodoo Crew ;)

thx a million!

Diablo Skull

Hey there ladies and gentlemen,

today i want to show you a quick fun piece i did in between other projects. It´s the Diablo Skull from my Diablo 3 Collector´s Edition. it was nearly plain black with little grey. I did not like it so i followed the old rule: "If it has a surface, paint it!" And so i did! :)

I hope you like it!

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Logan - Tale of War

Hey there, here is a small "in between" miniature. It was the Workshop miniature at Derwish´s workshop. Was a lot of fun to paint. :) I hope you like him.