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BT Dread Chassis WIP 1

Soo, here is the WIP of the BT Dread´s feet. I tested some new Black colour blendings on them and i am quiet satisfied with the result. :)

I also changed the Chaos Dread´s back, it appears a little bit more dusty near the grund. :)

Chaos Lord WIP 4

Hey all :)

I had to correct the blendings and NMM lights on the left leg, because the light was not correct regarding light theory. Also i started with the left arm, finally i decided the claws to become NMM gold, so the base colour is applied.

Also the colours on the pictures are finally the true colors (last pictures were sort of over-saturated. ;)

BT Dread Base WIP

I also managed to start with the Dreadnought´s Base. I liked the scheme on my Chaos Lord so much that i gave it to the destroyed Chaos Dread´s rear. I´m also satisfied with the skulls, how they finally came out.

Lord WIP 3

I managed to update my Lord a bit. All this NMM is quite time-consuming but a good practise and a lot of fun. Also i wanted do do this guy a bit more "chaotic". So i decided to give him a Freehand for his cloak. It looks like a rupture with floating lava in it. I´m quite satisfied with the result.

Maybe you like it too?


Final job´s exams are finished. I have a really good feeling about my results, buit i still have to wait for them a while. ;) BUT NOW: Expect a lot more Painting progress up here.. I´m so happy right now. :)

Learning, learning, learning...

... these days. One week to go till final job exams. Today i´ll take some time to paint, one week without painting is awful. ;) Hoping to be able to give you further process on my minis..