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2011.. this is it!

Hey there Ladies and Gentlemen,

i want to wish you a nice new year´s eve. And i want to thank you all for reading, commenting and spporting my blog. I really appreciate this! :)

And now let´s look forward to 2012. Birth of my son in early febuary, Diablo 3 coming hopingly in march, nice movies and lots and lots of painting fun! And 2012 will be the first time i take apart on the german games day competition. I hope to see many of you there!

So let´s see on the other side. Here is some nice music to finish this year:

Comission Work: Candy & Cola

Hi everybody!

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas Time.. here it was a bit strange with temperatures of 11°C (in Germany). oO

I am coming to you with a finished comission wor of Soda Pop Miniatures´ "Candy and Cola"! My customer is often described as a cola-addict. So this mini was a really fun project to do, as the girl should look as much coca cola as possible ;)

I hope you like her.

Merry Christmas!!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wish a very very nice Christmas to everyone out there. :)
Have some nice days, get some presents, have really good dinner and a good time with your beloved ones. :)


Hey there everybody!

There was not much content in the last couple of days, as i have much work to do right now. I love my new job, it is so much fun. And on the same time i have build the children´s room for my son, who "arrives" on febuary :) Awesome!

In terms of painting i am working on two Minis at the moment, one Black Templar Space Marine for practise and a comission work. Both are more than half-way done and i will post some WIP pics maybe tomorrow.

But today i want to give you some more information about me, and i will do this by telling you my top 5s oder top 10s of different themes. I hope you´ll like it!

Okay, lets start:

- Hobbys Top 5:

1. (guess what) Painting Miniatures
2. Movies, Cinema, Home Cinema
3. Computer Games
4. Photography
5. Design

All these hobbies are even more fun together with friends. ;-)

- Painters Top 10: As these are my favourite painters, this list does not show any ranking, i like them all the same way. :)

1. Bohun
2. Ana
3. Camelson
4. Daith
5. Jarhead
6. Picster
7. Crackpot
8. Feanor
9. Volomir
10. C´Tan

- Colours Top 5: A list of my "i love to use" colours

1. GW Hawk Turqouise
2. GW Scorched Brown
3. GW Snakebite Leather
4. GW Liche Purple
5. Andrea Colors Black Paint Set

- Movies Top 5: This is extremely difficult as my favourite movies differ from time to time and there are soooo much favourites i have as a Movie-Addict, but i´ll try.

1. Moulin Rouge
2. Harry Potter Movies (all of them)
3. Star Wars Saga
4. Avatar
5. The Alien Saga

Books Top 5:

1. Patrick Süskind - Das Parfüm (Perfume in english i think)
2. Harry Potter
3. The Horus Heresy Saga
4. The Lord of the Rings
5. 1984

Games Top 5:

- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
- Diablo 2 with Lord of Destruction (waiting SO MUCH for Diablo 3)
- World of Warcraft (I played 5 years, but not anymore)
- Need for Speed Underground (the first one)
- Super Mario Cart (So much fin with friends) ;)

Kinds of music Top 5:

1. Melodic Death Metal
2. Movie Soundtracks
3. Trailer Music
4. Death Metal
5. Symphonic Metal

Food Top 5:

1. Raclette
2. Pizza
3. Cordon Bleu
4. Pasta
5. Meat in general. RROOOAAR!

Drinks Top 5:

1. Lipton Sparcling Ice Tea Classic
2. Corona
3. Fresh orange juice
4. Red Bull
5. Cacao :)

This are the main Top Lists i can think of, right now. I hope you liked it. Maybe it was informative or funny for you. If you have further questions, please ask me in the comments!

First "Top last 7 days"

Hey there ladies and gentlemen.

Finally i got my first mini showing up in the "top last seven days" site on CoolMiniOrNot! Nice.

I have not much time for painting stuff at the moment, because i have a new job at one of europes biggest travel companies as a media designer. A LOT of work right now. But it´s awesome!
I am painting a Black Templars Paladin with everything i have learned in the last time and try to increase the contrasts in NMM Golds and steel further.

So stay tuned. ;-)

New Black Templars Bases!

Hey there everybody.

Do you remember my old bases for my Black Templars gaming army? This ones:

old Bases

Yes, they looked soooo stupid. So i made new ones out of slate stone. Then i painted them with a mix of Codex Grey/Regal Blue, brushed with Fortress Grey and then a light drybrush with Skull White. After that i glazed them with thinned down devlan mud and later with thinned chaos black, to shade the stones. Here is the picture, i hope, you like them.

new Bases

Black Orc Waaaghboss

Hey there everyone.

As i was told my paintjobs often look too clean (i heard that a lot about my chaos models) i tried to do this Black Orc. He comes a little bit more grungy, i hope. What do you think?

Here you can vote:

Chaos Sorcerer

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

i want to present you my finished Chaos Sorcerer from the Storm of Magic.
Tourned out nice, i think?

Here you can rate it:

Dark Eldar Comission: Hyemshin Bikes

Hey there everybody,

welcome back to the last bit of Dark Eldar Comission: The Bikes ;)

They are finished. So does the whole Dark Eldar Army. What does this mean for the next time? Retourning to some nice painting on my Dreadnought. :) So stay tuned.

Oh, nearly forgot the pic:

Dark Eldar Comission: Hagashins

Hey ladies and gentlemen,

finally the footmen frenzy is over! 20 Hagashin are finished and only 6 Bikes are coming and then this huge army comission is completely finished. ;)

First Unit

Second Unit

Dark Eldar Comission: Warriors

Heeellooooo everybody out there!

i´m back with (again) an other progress update. This time: Warrior Time! 20 of them! Done!

First Unit

Second Unit

Dark Eldar Comission: Lelith Hesperax reworked

Hey there everybody! I have reworked the skin and the haircolor of Lelith Hesperax. Looks nicer now ;)

Normal Warriors up next (20 of them)

Dark Eldar Comission: Succubus

Hello guys, welcome back to another progress update on Dark Eldar Comission. This time i finished the succubus.

Dark Eldar Comission: Inccubi

Hey there Ladies and Gentlemen,

i am coming at you guys with anoter update of the Dark Eldar´s Army progress. This time i finished the Inccubi, which was a lot of pain to do, because of really really crappy finecast quality! From a painter´s point of view Finecast just sucks!

But anyway i hope, you like them. :)

Comission Work: Emperors Children Havoks

Hey there, long time no see.. SO busy at the moment. Painting the whole day (still Dark Eldar work^^)

Here are some pictures af a short comission work i have done. It´s a 5 man Unit of Chaos Havoks for a gaming army. It tells a bit of a story, since the older the models are, the more mutations and rusted armory they have. Hope you like it^^

Chaos Havoks


Heavy Bolter


Autocannon 1

Autocannon 2

Dark Eldar Comission Work Part 2

Hey there.. long time no see.

I am really busy with the Dark Eldar Tabletop Comission Work. But here you have some Progress:

2 Chronos

Lelith Hesperax

4 Raider



Infinity Guilang Sniper

Hey there you guys,

i want to show you a Infinity Model i painted as a birthday gift for a friend. He will use it for gaming. ;)

Hope, you like him ;) Was a lot opf fun to paint (approx 6 hours).

If you want to rate him:

Dark Eldar Comission Work

He ladies and gentlemen,

welcome back, im coming to you this evening with the picture of a Dark Eldar Archon, which is a part of a huge comission work (a whole army in Obsidian Rose Scheme).

I am training to do some gradients in very short time. This Model was painted in approx 4 hours.

As you might guess, there will be MUCH Dark Eldar stuff here, less my own projects, but i will try to do some progress on the Cybot too. ;)

Stay tuned the next time, as i will post Progress on the Army everytime i finish a part. :)

10 Harlequins finished

Here is a group picture of the 10 finished Harlequins. next will be a Shadowseer and the comission work will be done.

Note: I added a "like" and "don´t like" button to every post. Feel free to use them. :)

BT Dread Torso WIP 2

Hey ladies and gentlemen, im coming back to you with a reworked contrast on the red wings and some better pictures. Still not perfect, but more like reality than earlier pics. Took photos in front of white background which made photografing the reds easier.

BT Dread Torso WIP 2

Hey ladies and gentlemen,

i´m coming to you with the second WIP of my Dread´s Torso. I hope you like the result. Still struggling with taking good photos. ;)

Harlequins Part 2 of 4

Here is the next bunch of Harlequins. 4 of 10 done.

First WIP better foto...

I reworked the Picture of the previos post. This is how the Reds look in reality (likeley).

BT Dread Torso WIP 1

Hey all :)

Here is the first WIP on my Dread´s Torso. The red has a lot more contrast but it is a hell to take a picture of reds. The OSL of the face will pop out more, when it appears on the surrounding parts, but they have to be painted first. ;)

I hope you like it.

Comission Work: Eldar Harlequins and Shadowseer: Reference

Hey all. I am doing a comission work. The customer and myself chose the color scheme of lolers Harlequins from the brushbrothers and scale it down to a so called "higher-Tabletop Standard", as the 10 harlequins and one Shadowseer will be gaming miniatures.

Today i finished the first one, which i will take as a reference. I will proceed in groups of 3 models and the Seer at the very end.

I hope you like him. Its around 2 and a half hours work.

BT Dread Autocannon finished...

Hey folks, long time no see.

I hat a kind of "painting-depression" but it is over now and here you see the final pictures of the autocannon. Now i am satisfied with the overall look, even of the gun barrels.

They were such a pain to paint.

Hope you like him :)

BT Dread Autocannon WIP1

Hello everyone. Here is my first WIP of the Dread´s Autocannon.

I am not satisfied with the gun barrels. I tried different versions and this was the less crappy one. Don´t knowh how to paint them otherwise. Also i am really frustrated overal at the time.

I have the feeling, that i can´t do anything right, or clean, or smooth. :(

What do you think?

BT Dread Chassis Finished...

Here i´m back at work! The Chassis is done. Not really satisfied with the NMM Steel on some parts on the legs due to the (horrible) cast quality. Next time i have to spend more time to clearing before the painting process.

But i hope you like him. ;)

Back home...

Finally we are back at home. It was an awesome yourney, fantastic landscapes, cool people, and yummy yummy Guiness. In the next days, I´ll paint again. :)

Here are some impressions from the holiday

Irish Clover

Dunluce Castle

Cliffs of Moher

Celtic High-Crosses

Nice Waterfall

Holidays ;)

Hey all...

there will be a break for two weeks from sunday on. This is because i´ll travel to ireland with my wife.
So we´ll see us later ;)


BT Dread Chassis WIP 4

Hello everybody ;)

Here is the 4th WIP of my Dread´s Chassis. NMM goes on. I increased the contrast in the Golds. Hope you like it ;)

BT Dread Chassis WIP 3

Hey there..

here is teh further WIP of my Dread. Some SENMM on the round parts.
Feet are finished. but still a lot to do ;) A little bit too less contrast in the pics, i´m sorry.

BT Dread Chassis WIP 2

Hey. As promised here is the picture from the next WIP. Still an early stage but i think you can imagine, where the journey goes.

Still alive..

Hey everyone.

This week i can go back to work on my minis :) There was not much time since the Chaos Lord because saturday was my wedding. It was such a great day with family, friends and of course my awesome wife who is such a great inspiration for me. :) Love you darling ;)

So expect the next WIP Shots on my Dread´s Chassis today or tomorrow. ;)

Once a hero: Chaos Lord

Hey there. Finally here is my final Chaos Terminator Lord. I have learned a LOT while painting this one, but there is still much to learn, many things to improve on the next model.

I hope you like him, feel free to rate it on CMON. :)

BT Dread Chassis WIP 1

Soo, here is the WIP of the BT Dread´s feet. I tested some new Black colour blendings on them and i am quiet satisfied with the result. :)

I also changed the Chaos Dread´s back, it appears a little bit more dusty near the grund. :)

Chaos Lord WIP 4

Hey all :)

I had to correct the blendings and NMM lights on the left leg, because the light was not correct regarding light theory. Also i started with the left arm, finally i decided the claws to become NMM gold, so the base colour is applied.

Also the colours on the pictures are finally the true colors (last pictures were sort of over-saturated. ;)