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First real Freehand ever!

Hey there Ladies and gentlemen,

i found some time to paint again beside Diablo 3! :)

I painted a freehand banner, which i have begun at a painting workshop with Derwish 3 Weeks ago. I will write ab bit about it soon. There Derwish gave us some tips on Freehand painting. And this ist my result, and in the same time the first Freehand i ever painted!

For the first try it looks good, while next time i have to watch better on proportions.
Note: As this is a practice piece, it belongs to no model!

Do you like it?

Dread Base WIP 2

Hey there ladies and gentlemen,

long time no see.. i had not much time to paint these days, but got to this (very early) WIP of my Nurgle Dread´s base:

the stones and tiles in the bottom pic are the richt direction. all other parts (except the dirt) are just base colors.

I hope you like it!