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Dark Eldar Comission Work Part 2

Hey there.. long time no see.

I am really busy with the Dark Eldar Tabletop Comission Work. But here you have some Progress:

2 Chronos

Lelith Hesperax

4 Raider



Infinity Guilang Sniper

Hey there you guys,

i want to show you a Infinity Model i painted as a birthday gift for a friend. He will use it for gaming. ;)

Hope, you like him ;) Was a lot opf fun to paint (approx 6 hours).

If you want to rate him:

Dark Eldar Comission Work

He ladies and gentlemen,

welcome back, im coming to you this evening with the picture of a Dark Eldar Archon, which is a part of a huge comission work (a whole army in Obsidian Rose Scheme).

I am training to do some gradients in very short time. This Model was painted in approx 4 hours.

As you might guess, there will be MUCH Dark Eldar stuff here, less my own projects, but i will try to do some progress on the Cybot too. ;)

Stay tuned the next time, as i will post Progress on the Army everytime i finish a part. :)

10 Harlequins finished

Here is a group picture of the 10 finished Harlequins. next will be a Shadowseer and the comission work will be done.

Note: I added a "like" and "don´t like" button to every post. Feel free to use them. :)

BT Dread Torso WIP 2

Hey ladies and gentlemen, im coming back to you with a reworked contrast on the red wings and some better pictures. Still not perfect, but more like reality than earlier pics. Took photos in front of white background which made photografing the reds easier.