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BT Dread Chassis WIP 2

Hey. As promised here is the picture from the next WIP. Still an early stage but i think you can imagine, where the journey goes.

Still alive..

Hey everyone.

This week i can go back to work on my minis :) There was not much time since the Chaos Lord because saturday was my wedding. It was such a great day with family, friends and of course my awesome wife who is such a great inspiration for me. :) Love you darling ;)

So expect the next WIP Shots on my Dread´s Chassis today or tomorrow. ;)

Once a hero: Chaos Lord

Hey there. Finally here is my final Chaos Terminator Lord. I have learned a LOT while painting this one, but there is still much to learn, many things to improve on the next model.

I hope you like him, feel free to rate it on CMON. :)