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Terminator WIP & first attempt to NMM...

Hi all. :)

Today i worked on my Terminator and did my very first attempt on Non Metallic Metal on the cross on the Terminator´s back. The is still Room for Improvement as the blending could be a little smoother an the top shadows and highlights could receive more contrast.

Soo und nochmal auf deutsch. ;) Heute habe ich an meinem Terminator weitergearbeitet und zum ersten mal Non Metallic Metal, also das Malen von Metall ohne Metallfarben. Dies habe ich gemacht, weil es erstens absolut genial aussieht und zweitens exakt den Goldton trifft, den ich für mein Gold haben wollte ;)

Chaos Lord Base improvements

Hey all, here is a further Pic of my Base with some green/brown glazes on the plates and the grey parts. I made that to give them a more realistic look.

Terminator WIP

Here is an early WIP of my first Terminator. Just to show, that I´m working on it ;)

Chaos Base nearly finished... the pictures of my nearly finished Chaos Lord base. Maybe i´ll add some tiny details later. ;)

early Chaos Base WIP

just a small WIP of the Chaos Lord´s base.

Chaos Lord Base arrived...

Hey there. Today the base for my Chaos Lord arrived. Many many thanks to Jarhead at this place! Be sure to check out his Blog Massive Voodoo. You can find the link on the right side of my Blog. ;)

Terminator Base...

Hi there...

here is my first Terminator´s base with the little killed bug on it. In the finished version of this model there will be some blood-splatters or slime frome the destroyed tail of the little worm ;)

Marine update, better photo...

here it is, had no time to post it yesterday becaus of my birthday ;)

Here you can see the little scratches on the marine´s armor.

"Blending" Marine finished...

Hi everyone...

there he is, the Marine with blendings on armour and robe. The Pictures are not as sharp as i´d like to have them. The pictures dont´t show the little screatches on the armour. I´ll do more pictures tomorrow.

So next is a Terminator yeah!!

Comission work done...

Hi there.

Finally my comission Work with the Two Land Raiders is done. Here The pics of the Crusader. Don´t mind of the missing multimelta. It is not glued onto the Crusader yet, due to trasport issues. (It´s the old one of white metal, so there is danger of braking apart from the plastic marine) ;-)

So what´s next? Yeah finishing my "blending marine". From now on the posts here will increase again. :)

Land Raider commission work...

Here the pics of the finished first Landraider, as promised:

busy these days...

Hey everybody out there!

Not much movement these days here at Pinselwut (which by the way means brush-fury or brush-rage). I am very busy with a commission work at the time. Two Black Templar Land Raider (a normal one and a crusader) getting some paint on them (Tabletop standard). While one LR is finished (pictures will follow in the evening) i still got a lot of work to do on the crusader, hoping to finish him till the beginning of next week.

After that i will finish my "blending-Marine" and guess what is coming next: TERMINATORS! Yeah i finally decided to give them a go, so stay tuned!

Also i decided to paint other single miniatures for showcase, in order to enhance my painting skills to even other minis than Black Templar. There is a Chaos Terminator Lord of World Eaters/Word Bearers/Red Corsars in my mind. Something with a lot of red. Let´s see where my mood leads us.

so long..


Hallo Ihr lieben,

derzeit ist hier nicht allzu viel los, was sich in den nächsten Tagen aber wieder ändert. Der Grund dafür ist eine Auftragsarbeit, an der ich derzeit male, 2 Black Templar Land Raider im Tabletop Standard. Einer ist bereits fertig, die Fotos sollten heute Abend folgen.

Danach werde ich meinen Blending-Marine fertigstellen (es fehlt noch die Robe und das Base) und danach werde ich endlich die Terminatoren angehen!

Des weiteren werde ich in Zukunft auch mehr Einzelminiaturen (nein, keine Black Templar) bemalen. Derzeit schwirrt mir ein Chaosgeneral in Termi-Rüstung der World Eater/Word Bearer/Roten Korsaren im Kopf rum. Wollen wir mal sehen, was am Ende bei darauskommt. ;)


der Solmar