A different Review about Jarheads Painting Class Shoeppingen!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today i want to talk about my impressions of the beginner´s painting class by Roman "Jarhead" Lappat. But i will not tell you the whole time-table stuff and what we did in detail. I will tell you about what you learn and what this workshop does with yourself.

An other review with timing and many pictures can be found here:

Review by Baphomet (Peter)

So at first, let me tell this was a beginner´s painting class and some of you might know i am not a beginner. :) Roman jokingly said he does not believe that he can teach me new things. Holy cow, how he could!

1. What i learned for my painting:

First i learned a more comfortable way of painting bases and bring them to life and link them to the miniatures to tell a story. I will definetly integrate the new workflow to my everyday base painting stuff.

And second i learned much about pushing details and contrasts further and getting a feeling of "when is the mini finished"? There is always room of improvement on little details. :)

2. What beginners learn:

In this workshop a beginner learns the most important aspect of the hobby: fun! Painting is fun and colors are your friends, you don´t have to be afraid to do something wrong. Grab a mini, grab some paint and off you go!

For all who are still asking themselves if they should participate in a beginner´s class: DO IT!

3. What everybody learns:

In the beginning of my painting "career" i concentrated much about color receipts when i was painting stuff. For example, when i wanted to paint wood, i watched at minis with good painted wood. But instead you should look into nature, open your eyes. What does wood looks like in reality? And then you can try to bring this look to your mini yourself.

Nature is your greatest teacher. Everything is out there, all these inspirations. Just open your eyes and you will see awesome stuff!

Let me tell you how much i enjoyed this weekend with all the mini painting, discussing, learning, eating and of cours coming together. If you are not painting.. definately give it a try and show it to jour friends, maybe let them join the hobby too!

Regards, Solmar

2 Responses to A different Review about Jarheads Painting Class Shoeppingen!

  1. M R Lee says:

    Great little blurb about this class, and everything is dead on. Cannot state enough how this is a class that all levels of painters can still learn from. And those just starting out.. can really get a boost in their painting skill, style, and move forward in a lot of different ways. Can't wait to go to another one!

  2. Peter aka Baphomet says:

    Nice review & I´m happy to see the change in your way of thinking/painting! Rock on buddy :)

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