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Quick note: Duke of Bavaria 2014

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

This year i decided to do just a quick note on the Duke of Bavaria, because some other reports will hit the interwebs in a much better fashion :)

So it was in short an absolutely fantastic weekend in Ingolstadt, Germany with a the nicest painters, the most tasty food, the most delicious wine and stunnung miniatures of course.

I had one entry in diorama category with my diorama, which got me silver:

And my Display in the Fantasy Master category, with the following miniatures that got me a bronze medal:

My Painting Buddha Target Identified:

The Imperial Fist:

And Theoden:

Stay tuned on Massive Voodoo and other blogs for more coverage :)

Cheers, Solmar

Comission Work: Chaos Dwarf and Warpsmith finished.

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today i want to show you two finished comission works for a friend´s army. On both miniatures, my customer wants to do the basework for himself, so no bases here! ;-)

So let us start with an Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Dwarf Lord. I had to keep it pretty simple so nothing really fancy here. But one of the rare cases i used true metal (which i am absolutely terrible in) ;-)

We also decided not to fix the crooked golden Skull on his helmet because it gives him a funny sidenote.

And next on is this warpsmith from Warhammer 40k. We decided to do him completely NMM and clean. Maybe somthing the most of you wold not expect from this model.

I hope you like them :)

Diorama "Momentum"

Hey there!

Finally i want to show you my biggest project so far (literally!). My diorama "Momentum".

Here on Putty and Paint:

And for CMON i had to split it up in two parts, as there os so much to see and discover


I hope you like it and i would appreciate it, if you leave me a comment or rate it.


Current WIP

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Long time no see if i may say so. let me tell you that my Diorama is nearly complete and after the closure of the Golden Vinci Contest i will show it here.

Meanwhile i have this comission work on my table: A Friend asked me if i could paint his 40k Warpsmith in complete NMM for his tabletop gaming army. Well, this guy is LOADED with cables and stuff. But i decided it would be a great contrast to the whole nature and lizard-skin stuff i recently painted.

So here you can see the steps on the "cloak":

And i nearly finished the body:

I hope you like him ;)