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Second Knight 90% and Airbrush test!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today i want to show you my second knight on 90% Stage wit the finished Banner. I hope you like him.. 3 to go, champion next.

Also, as i´m plannig to get my fingers onto an airbrush (just can´t afford one at the moment), a friend was so kind to lend me a system to do some learning and testing. So the bases of my new Chaos army were good test objects. :) Tried some overall lighting and glowing runes effect. :)

Not bad for the first try and i like them for my gaming army.

First Rider nearly finished!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

I have nearly finished my first rider, he is right now at a 90% stage. I have one or two further ideas, but before going on with him, i will bring the other four riders to the same stage.

I want to have these guys finished for the duke of bavaria (wich is in 6 weeks, so i better get my butt to the painting table). ;)

They will look great as a unit :) I hope you like him!

Busy busy

Due to some renovation work in our living room i have not much time to post here.

To the end of the week there will be updates here ;)

Happy painting!

Riders in future. ;)

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

I just wanted to tell you about some plan-changing on my rider´s progress.

The idea was to paint all bones of all horses right now, then doing all armor parts then.. and so on. But i have decided that i will paint one rider complete in order to estimate the overall appearance of the models.

So i will complete the musician first. And then copy his scheme and color tweaks to the other 4 riders.  So maybe we will see a complete rider in the near future. Also i get away from the demotivating "assembly line work".

So stay tuned and thank especially you, Ben, for motivating words! :)

Bones, finally!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Finally i´m coming back to you guys with some progress on my Black Knights. I had a heavy struggle with the bone color. Some colors looked good on the legs, some looked good on the head. But nothing was convincing on both parts under consideration of cenithal light.

This is my final solution. Now it´s time to paint the other 4 rider´s bones. :)