Imperial Fist Standard Bearer WIP 3

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters.

Finally i want to show you a quick pic of my Standard bearer´s Banner front side.

It is nearly finished, just need to do some minor color tweaks. The motive symbolizes the gate of the emperor´s throne room.

A socket-label telling "Builders of gate and throne" will say what the 2 banner sides are meaning. I like the result. What do you think?

3 Responses to Imperial Fist Standard Bearer WIP 3

  1. Beautiful!!!! Can't wait to see it in its full glory!!! Köln maybe?? :)

  2. Solmar says:

    Thank you! Yes i and this little guy will be there :) One of 5 entrys.

  3. I love the painting. But for me the motive on the front doesn't fit with the Marine. I've chose another motive, but thats just my opinion. The next is the absolutely clean and unwrinkled surface, but with a wrinkled surface this picture would be horrible to paint ^^. But the most important thing is that no matter what i say the work is great :-)

    see you next week

    cheers Manu

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