Where did Solmar go?

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear Painters!

It has been a long time since i posted here and today i wanted to tell you why it was so quiet around here, in the forums and on sites like CMON or P&P.

First i have to say that i have LOADS of work... well at work ;) So on so many days in the past weeks i was very exhausted and had no motivation to paint or work on my projects.

Second thing is that i am really enjoying the latest patch of Mists of Pandaria together with my wife and a close friend. :) So got some distraction there also.

But now i will going on painting-wise, so what is coming next?

- A goblin painted for THIS awesome community project. Post will be coming soon!

- 4 Comission works for a good friend (2 Dark Elve Ladies, 1 Fantasy Chaos Tzeentch Lord and 1 Night Haunter) The Ladies are finished and also, post coming soon. Tzeentch Lord is on WIP

- After that i will reveal a really BIG project i am working on for the next months. And with big, i mean big!

So keep updated the next days!

Cheers, Solmar

2 Responses to Where did Solmar go?

  1. Avicenna says:

    Welcome back :) looking forward to seeing what you get up to next!

  2. Rogland says:

    Great to hear! Cheers!

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