Starting the big DUEL!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

I started a really big project, this time a duel. I have finished building the base and the miniatures and test fitted everything. I won´t show you the test fitting, as this would take the whole surprise, don´t it? ;)

This will be the scenery: We have a brave Space Marine Hero-Standard-Bearer, standing on the edge of an destroyed war-environment, raising his chain-sword and giving his comrades (not seen in the scenery) hope to win this batte. BUT he does not see the wild Chaos Champion behind him, charging with his big axe and ready for the jump, possibly meaning a bloody ending to our hero`s speech!

This piece will be titled "Ambush"

So i build the base and primed it. Here you can see it primed:

I build this scenery over a core made of milliput, cork and aluminium foil. The debris are some parts of an GW building, scale model bricks, slate stone and other stone parts mixed and crushed with a hammer. I then used some sanding and struckture paste to do some oxidation and dust.

The next stage was to airbrush the overall scenery just to give myself an idea of lights and shadows. Very basic work:

I used greys, browns an sandy colors.

Next there was a lot of drybrushing, reshading with washes, some first details received colors. As this is a very dusty anvironment i only used really desaturated colors by mixing nearly every color with grey tones.

Here is a first color scetch:

And now we have it this stage, some more details, a source lighting of a chaos relic, a decapitated helmet of an other chaos marine, traces of war, little more saturation and contrast on some parts:

Sorry for the bad photos, they are taken with my iPhone. In future i will document my steps with my camera. So stay tuned for further updates. ;)

Regards, Solmar

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  1. Zab says:

    It looks so good already. I love the muted, dusty tones. It makes my throat dry just looking at it.

  2. Malekith says:

    Very nice base, I like the colors.

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