About feedback and yourself accepting it.

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today i want to talk to you about a very interesting and fundamental topic in our beloved hobby: receiving feedback and dealing with it.

So i will explain this on an example of myself, regarding on my duel scenery. After posting the base on a forum i was asked to take a picture with the miniatures on it. So i made this quick one:

This was my setting for the duel and this was the feedback i got:

- the base is too big for the 2 small miniatures
- the base is too chaotic and the eye can´t rest on a specific region
- the scenery is actually no ambush (as this was my idea)
- composition and choice of miniatures was... well, poor

So this sounds really hard in the first moment and for a short time i was like: "wow, am i so wrong"?

But then i could overcome my feelings (with some help) and turn the first "da fuq" thought into constructive problem solving so this is what i made of this:

- i CLOSED this project for now, yes sometimes you are stuck and have to clear things out
- the base will maybe used for a much bigger Miniature, time will show
- i really like the standard bearer and i will do a single mini out of him (upcoming right now)
- i abandoned the chaos champ for now
- and i heavily thought about the term "ambush", its meanings and characteristics in order to get a really awesome project startet in the future!

 So what do we learn from this? Yes, some feedback can be very harsh in the first moment, but often it leads you to even more awesome stuff! And there are different sorts of feedback. It is always great if your stuff is liked by people, this is the fun part, the rewarding part. And the the is the (in my opinion more important part) constructive feedback where you need to overthink and do some things again, maybe even from scratch. THIS sort of feedback will make you a better painter AND you will learn a lot about yourself.

Roman aka Jarhead is calling this "Kong Fu". Now, i know why!

Regards, Solmar.

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  1. M R Lee says:

    Completely agree, and as hard as it is to take such comments, when you can realize that it is truth greater things can come! Looking forward to how the final duel shapes up in the end though.

  2. Unfortunately I don't agree with the comments you have received about the diorama. I think you have to see way ahead:

    - the base is too big for the 2 small miniatures
    Yes, it's true, but you can pay with light to concentrate attention on the figures to make the terrain "smaller" to the eye and still use the awesome landscape you created.

    - the base is too chaotic and the eye can´t rest on a specific region
    Same as the previous comment. Use paint wisely!

    - the scenery is actually no ambush (as this was my idea)
    What is this comment based on?

    - composition and choice of miniatures was... well, poor
    Not true... well painted, they should be pretty nice.

    My point is that comments are good because feedback let's you think about other things you haven't thought before. But CLOSING A PROJECT because of comments is not good at all. It's actually the opposite of good. It's destructive. I've had the same feeling with comments, and I learnt to ignore the effect they have on your motivation, in the sense that you have to pick up ideas that you may use but not change the whole thing so that people like it. Your stuff is not created for people to like, so you shouldn't try to please everyone, especially because you are not going to make that happen. Haters gonna hate. Always. Learn the zen way, be at peace with your creation and others opinions so you find the right balance between what you want, your creation, and what other people think.

    Only then will you succeed.

  3. Solmar says:

    Heyho Rafael,

    First, thank you for your opinion. :)

    Points 1 and 2 i will solve it later, when i use this base for another project. :)I do not throw this away. ;)

    Indeed, an ambush is a well prepared, hidden and fast attack against a mostly overpowered enemy. I think the two guys are prette even in force, so yes, this scenery makes the chaos champ evil, but nothing more than that.

    And don´t get me wrong, i paint and create what i like and dont close a project, because people don´t like it. If this porject would have been just for myself, i would have go further with it. But it was concepted as a pure contest entry for the golden demon.

    And the criticism came from really competent guys with loads experience in international contests. (Of course this allpies to your comment as well). Right for this project, there were two factors, that made me quitting this "version" of the theme: 1st it is a pure contest peace, and i really changed my mind on this and i want to get a bit deeper into the topic af an abush next time. :)

    And sure, there are words of whisdom in both, the feedback i received and your opinion. :)

    One part i also want to state that really motivates me: After 3 years of painting, my work gets seen, mentoned, shared AND liked by some of the best painters in the world. And that is absolutely fantastic! :)

    Thank you all for this!

  4. Hi there! I agree with Rafael.... comments or good to help you question your ideas.... but i think negative comments without any suggestion are totally pointless...
    To me the base being big compared to the figures can emphasize the sensation of size ( perhaps some vertical structures here and there could help)
    the base is too chaotic.... well actually that will totally depend on how you paint it
    the ambush thing... well i think i know what they meant... maybe a bunch of dead chaos marines around can emphasize the idea...
    choice of minis..again i find them good enough if well painted
    And about composition... well perhaps to me the guy with the flag is wayy to close to the border, a bit more space in front of him could b better...
    Those r my thoughts on your work, but of course it´s your total decision :)

  5. Zab says:

    It's your call. I would have just added 2 more chaos marines running behind the champ and moved him closer to the standard bearer. Problem solved - in my mind, but it's YOUR call. Sometimes it's good to listen to feedback and sometimes you just have to do your own thing. Whatever you do I am certain it will be stunning!

  6. Solmar says:

    Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement. For this piece, choices are set. I enjoy painting the Space Marine at the moment. Pictures will follow soon. :)

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