Imperial Fist Standard Bearer WIP 1

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today i want to show you some WIP progress of my Standard Bearer. obviously here you see him without his standard and base. They will be painted seperately. The marine himself is near to finish, maybe some minor tweaks here or there. I enjoyed painting the freehands on cloak, knee, sword and shoulder pad. I´m getting into it. :) Also i painted him a blind eye due to his scar on the face.

I hope you like him so far.

2 Responses to Imperial Fist Standard Bearer WIP 1

  1. Thomas says:

    Ein Impereal Fist - Klasse!
    Nachdem man beinahe nur noch Ultramarines und (vor allem) Dark Angels sieht sind die guten alten gelben Jungs ja heutzutage leider zur Randerscheinung geworden.

    Die Freehands sind klasse geworden!
    Gruß aus Hildesheim,

  2. Wow! Richtig cool!
    Das SENMM auf dem Rückenmodul ist Hammer!

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