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I have not posted here for a very (!!) long time. I am quite busy at the moment in life, job and family. Also i had projects, i can not blog about. ;)

But i will revitalize this blog. I have some plans for Pinselwut, so stay tuned, you`ll see. :)

Today i want to bring you a review about Escoda Kolinsky Brushes as i had the opportunity to test them and want to share my experiences.

So let´s first talk about the physics of these brushes:

Escoda is a company in Barcelona, Spain. Making fine kolinsky brushes we all desire so much. :)
At first i wanted to completely avoid the comparison with W&N Series 7 brushes, but as many of you know and use them, maybe this helps to explain some things.

Escoda Brushes

- Point: At first glance, these brushes hat a little problem with the tip. The bristles split very quick while painting. Washing them with shampoo or brush soap though helped a lot. After that these brushes hold their points absolutely well! They were ready for lager surfaces as well as fine details.

- Snap: The snap of the bristles to their original position after bending is not as perfect as the W&N but they get close. There is no point where it becomes a limiting factor.

- Price Tag: A size 0 brush comes for 5,00€, size 1 for 5,50€. This is clearly cheaper than W&N with prices like 8,90 for size 0 and 9,40 for size 1.

Comparison with W&N Series 7 (long hairs)

So can i recommend these brushes? Yes! If you are using W&N for years, these babys might not be a new miracle for you, but if you are a starting painter or want a pretty good alternative for nearly half the prize, you should give them a go!

I will use my test brushes definetly for some works. :)

You can get your Escoda brush in this fluffy guy´s shop:

 Big Panda V

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  1. Zab says:

    I recently just started to try escoda as W&N are getting harder to come by in Canada and I really like them. They have a bit more snap than i am used to but they hold their shape quite well.

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