Pinselwut is closing! But fear not!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

So thats a punchline right? To make things mor comfortable for you guys, let´s hop right into the facts:

1. Yes, Pinselwut is closing. As hard as this sounds.

2. I will continue blogging on DieVincis! Whoops, surprised?

So why that:

Recently i was thinking much about this blog, its content, number and quantity pf posts and future doings. For myself there were only two options: completely retire from blogging and just making WIP pics and thoughts via Facebook OR growing bigger with the blog by inviting other painters to this place.

Finally i decided to let this blog grow, to reach more painters and readers out there, also giving new content not just for display painters but also the gamers! That was the plan.

Funnily enough, last weekend at the Scale Model Challenge i was invited to join the wonderful DieVinvis blog by Vlado, Manuel and Phil (Big PandaV, CrazyWenky and Tuskar) along with two other painters.

What else could i do if not shouting out "YESSSSSZZ!"? :)

So if you are a fellow reader of my blog, please head over to and like our Facebook page

By doing this you can stay in touch with myself and other great painters. Also, there will be some really cool topics for everyone of you!

So i won´t say farewell, i will say "see you there"!

Regards, Solmar

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