Black Knights conversion part 1

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

I want you to just imagine a picture with me: The undead overcome the lands, these scary, beasty and horrible risen dead with their rotten corpses nothing more than a scelleton. They plaque the lands, the people and slay everything in their way.

Mortals nearly loose fait when looking on them with their shrouds, sceleton Horses, fierce Armor and their flower tendrils. Whait WHAT? FLOWER TENDRILS? Yes, you got the point! Why the hell are there tendrils on undead´s armors?

Okay, it´s no time to panic! Yet. We have to cut them off.. they just look so silly. So let´s get to work. :)

This is just the example of ONE Knights horses armor (there are tenrils on a second horse armor and nearly every rider´s armor). Lots of work :) The tendrils lay over normal armor (less a problem) and over chainmail parts (pain in the a**..... uhm, eye ;))

After nearly an hour (per pair of armor) of cutting, sanding, polishing, the result looks so much better:

Stay tuned for another problem thac occured while assembling these guys. More conversion is about to come.. (and more work :-P)

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