You won´t believe... I´m back!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, lovely painters and readers!

After two very long months without painting, not being such creative and neither taking part on miniature painting community, i am back!

In the last days i missed the painting so much, that i could not longer resist to get back to serious brush-business. :) I am so glad to paint again.

For practice i will begin with Games Workshop "Wight King" the next days. So stay tuned for upcoming WIPs! ;-)

Regards to you all!


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  1. Camelson says:

    Great!! :D I was wondering what are you diong? :D maybe something big!! But you had a break :)
    Great to see new post from you!! can;t wait for model, it must be something amazing!
    Sometimes break is good for painting! :D

    Cheers, and welcome back! :D

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