ebay auctions!

Hey there everyone!

I wanted to announce my 2 current ebay auctions:

First, i sell my Diablo 3 Collector´s Edition Skull, painted by me. Including the really nice cascet in wich the skull was placed AND the Soulstone 4GB USB Drive containing the full versions of Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction.

The skull is not completely painted at its rear side (as you don´t see it in display case ;-))

Shipping costs for Germany are 4,10€, shipping costs to other countrys depends. Just ask me. ;)


Für die deutschen Leser: Beschreibung komplett in der Auktion. :)

Here is the skull:

Second i am selling my absolutely unfinished Black Templars Space Marine Army.

Here is a list of what you get:

- 1x Champion of the Emperor, White Metal, pinned, painted

- 1x Terminator Chaplan, White Metal, pinned, painted

- 5x Terminators with Range Weapons: 1x Assault Cannon, 1x Cyclone-Rocket Launcher, 1x Stormbolter + Energy Sword, 1x Stormbolter + E-Fist, 1x Stormbolter + Chain Fist, Models primed (black/white), 1 Terminator painted.

- 5x Assault-Terminators, all with Storm Shields and Energy Hammers. Storm Shields are the big Forge World ones, also these 5 Terminators are equipped with Forge World´s Black Templars Shoulders. Shields are pinned to the arms to take them off for better painting. Also these 5 are not primed, so they are not glued to the finished bases, just pinned.

- 10x Tactical Marines with Close Combat Weapons, all build with GW-Black Templars-Kit, 8x Boltpistol + Chainsword, 1x Boltpistol + Energy Sword, 1x Flamer, models primed black, 5 marines painted.

-- 10x Tactical Marines with Range Weapons, all build with GW-Black Templars-Kit, 8x Bolter, 1x Rocket Launcher, 1x Plasma, models primed black

- Venerable Chaplan Dreadnought from Forge-World, mit Machine Cannon und modyfied Close Combat Waepon, pinned, painting not complete.

Bases of all Models are finished. They are made of real stone so they have a goo stand on the table.

I painted with very thin layers, so striping the paint off should be very easy.

Here the link:

Here a german forum thread, click through for pics of the Models.

Happy bidding! Solmar

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