Nurgle Dread WIP 1

Hey there ladies and gentlemen,

finally i am coming to you guys with a WIP of  my Forge-World Nurgle Dreadnough. I try to redo the Miniature Mentor Tutorial made by Bohun in order to improve my painting skills.

I followed the steps of the videos (i really recommend this tutorial as it changed my technique a lot and showed me some mistakes i made for myself in the past) and have finished the Chassis.

What do you think..?

4 Responses to Nurgle Dread WIP 1

  1. Daith says:

    Wow u made it so similar so far :) great job

  2. Ehlanay says:

    The Dread looks great at all! The green parts I like really much! Maybe you can make some slime ;)

  3. Can I get a link to this Tutorial made by Bohun

  4. Solmar says:

    I am Afraid the tutorial disappeared from the Miniature Mentor Site. =/

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