New Photo Setup and Reshoots for Testing!

Hey there everyone!

Finally i have bought me some new Photo setup stuff for making better photos.

Here is my new photo setup (with a sneak peak of a new WIP ;)) :

And here are some re-shoots of some minis:

Chaos Lord

Ork Boss

Chaos Scorcerer

Tyranid Trygon
What do you think? The new pictures are a lot sharper and the colours look way more realistik if i compare them to the real models. :)

4 Responses to New Photo Setup and Reshoots for Testing!

  1. Daith says:

    Colors are much brighter and all contrasts deeper , great job with these photos. Can't wait to see that nurgle dread finished :)

  2. kroll says:

    I love the photo-cube! The pics are much better. I'm looking forward to taking photos with this little thing :)

    Happy painting!

  3. Solmar says:

    @ Daith: It´s good to hear and see something of ya! Thanks a lot!

    @ kroll: Sure, come around ;)

  4. Daith says:

    :) heay i'm back hopefully for good.

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