Once a hero: Chaos Lord

Hey there. Finally here is my final Chaos Terminator Lord. I have learned a LOT while painting this one, but there is still much to learn, many things to improve on the next model.

I hope you like him, feel free to rate it on CMON. :)


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  1. Camelson says:

    O MAN! Its incredible!! Love the NMM, really amazing look! :) The red armour is also great, what colours you used on that armour? :) Cloak and battle damages are also from space! :D



  2. Solmar says:

    Oh my god, now THIS is overwhelming! One of my pure idols in miniature painting likes my work :) Thanks a LOT! :)

    Let me see, if I can remember the colours for the reds.

    Base: 50/50 Blood Red/Scab red
    Shadows: 80/15/5 Basecolour/Liche Purple/Chaos Black
    Highlights 1: 50/50 Base/Blood Red
    Highlights 2: 50/50 First Highlight + Blazing Orange

    If you like you can also add final light spots with
    second highlight + a tip of elf flesh.. :)

    I hope it helped!

    Best Regards, Solmar

  3. Camelson says:

    Thanks a lot mate!
    Do you go on Golden Demon Germany in Germany this year? :) If yes, we will probably meet there! :)


  4. Solmar says:

    I'm afraid, im am not ready for this step this year. But i'm planing to go to the German Games Day next year. I'm glad about you reading my blog. Maybe you can give me tips and advices from Time to Time. ;)

  5. Camelson says:

    Of course I can! but I'm afraid that my tips will not help you much, because you are really good painter! :)

    But if you have any questions just ask! :)


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