Hey there everybody!

There was not much content in the last couple of days, as i have much work to do right now. I love my new job, it is so much fun. And on the same time i have build the children´s room for my son, who "arrives" on febuary :) Awesome!

In terms of painting i am working on two Minis at the moment, one Black Templar Space Marine for practise and a comission work. Both are more than half-way done and i will post some WIP pics maybe tomorrow.

But today i want to give you some more information about me, and i will do this by telling you my top 5s oder top 10s of different themes. I hope you´ll like it!

Okay, lets start:

- Hobbys Top 5:

1. (guess what) Painting Miniatures
2. Movies, Cinema, Home Cinema
3. Computer Games
4. Photography
5. Design

All these hobbies are even more fun together with friends. ;-)

- Painters Top 10: As these are my favourite painters, this list does not show any ranking, i like them all the same way. :)

1. Bohun
2. Ana
3. Camelson
4. Daith
5. Jarhead
6. Picster
7. Crackpot
8. Feanor
9. Volomir
10. C´Tan

- Colours Top 5: A list of my "i love to use" colours

1. GW Hawk Turqouise
2. GW Scorched Brown
3. GW Snakebite Leather
4. GW Liche Purple
5. Andrea Colors Black Paint Set

- Movies Top 5: This is extremely difficult as my favourite movies differ from time to time and there are soooo much favourites i have as a Movie-Addict, but i´ll try.

1. Moulin Rouge
2. Harry Potter Movies (all of them)
3. Star Wars Saga
4. Avatar
5. The Alien Saga

Books Top 5:

1. Patrick Süskind - Das Parfüm (Perfume in english i think)
2. Harry Potter
3. The Horus Heresy Saga
4. The Lord of the Rings
5. 1984

Games Top 5:

- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
- Diablo 2 with Lord of Destruction (waiting SO MUCH for Diablo 3)
- World of Warcraft (I played 5 years, but not anymore)
- Need for Speed Underground (the first one)
- Super Mario Cart (So much fin with friends) ;)

Kinds of music Top 5:

1. Melodic Death Metal
2. Movie Soundtracks
3. Trailer Music
4. Death Metal
5. Symphonic Metal

Food Top 5:

1. Raclette
2. Pizza
3. Cordon Bleu
4. Pasta
5. Meat in general. RROOOAAR!

Drinks Top 5:

1. Lipton Sparcling Ice Tea Classic
2. Corona
3. Fresh orange juice
4. Red Bull
5. Cacao :)

This are the main Top Lists i can think of, right now. I hope you liked it. Maybe it was informative or funny for you. If you have further questions, please ask me in the comments!

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