Diorama "Momentum" First impressions of WIPs

Hey there Ladies and gentlemen, dear painters.

I am workin on a huge project right now, a diorama called "Momentum". I am doing well on base and Dino-Rider and if you want do read more (and see a lot of WIP pics see through the (german) Thread here:


And here are some pics:


And here the Dino-Rider:

Hope you like them :)

Cheers, Solmar

2 Responses to Diorama "Momentum" First impressions of WIPs

  1. Korhain says:

    Wow that looks awesome! I really like how you have painted the horns on the rider they look so realistic!

  2. Yeah!! the rider looks very very good!! it even doesnt look like a GW mini... dunno how but u way improved it!

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