Duke of Bavaria 2013 Report!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today i want to report of my weekend at the Duke of Bavaria. It was an awesome event! Meeting so much new and nice people, connecting, building new friendships. It was like a family-meeting!

For me it was the first time i ever got to a painter´s event and a competition. I participated with a display containing my Nurgle Cybot and my finished Black Knights (which i will take photos of today). This is what happened to me and i am amazed and euphoric when i write these lines:

I made an entry in the Fantasy Painting Standard category as i have never been on a contest and just wanted to look, where i stand level-wise. I have not expected to get anything there, just looking what happens. After some time i got feedback from many nice people, saying my work looks really good, it should have good chances in standard, i might even could have participated in the master category.

This was the first awesome moment for me. Then i was asked to meet the jury and they told me that my entry was standing out of standard category and i could choose between getting Gold in standard or moving my entry to the master´s category. I was like: DA FUQ? Okay then i was so overwhelmed that i agreed to move to the masters.

It would have been awesome if the story ends here with receiving nothing at all.. But (and this sounds so insane) i received a silver medal for my display in the master´s category! Insane! To get things clear: The medal is not that important for me. More important is the feedback i received, knowing that i make a good work and that all doubts i had while painting my Black Knights were unnecessary! Feeling so great.

In the end i am super-motivated to keep on the happy painting and i will hop right into the next project!

Here is a link with further photos of (some) minis on the Duke of Bavaria:

Duke of Bavaria 2013 Pictures

Cheers, Solmar

6 Responses to Duke of Bavaria 2013 Report!

  1. hellkroll says:

    Hope to see you on more contests like this!

    Keep on paintin'

  2. Verdient Daniel, war schön dich kennen gelernt zu haben und mit dir nen Abend um die Häuser gezogen zu sein. Hoffe man sieht sich bald wieder. Maybe on the SMC ;-)

  3. Auch von mir Glückwunsch Daniel. Du hast es dir verdient ;-)

  4. So coole Black Knights und meiner Meinung nach kein bisschen verrückt sondern einfach nur verdient Silber. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt was man von Dir als nächstes zu sehen bekommt ;)

  5. That was my first thought, when I saw your display - What the f**k is this doing in the standard!!! The level of painting was great even for Masters. I din't know who and why moved your display into Masters, but I knew it was good decision. And the medal is well deserved. Wish you more great minis like your Black Knights!

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