Comission work: Demon Prince of Tzeentch!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Long time no see. I worked some time on a comission work for a friend´s friend. He was given this converted demon prince as a gift and now wanted to have it painted. This "mini" is for gaming purposes.

It is a converted white-metal classic demon price of chaos. It has a birdlike head, huuuuuuge wings (if you ask: from some kind of fancy kids-toy-dragon) and an axe with (sigh) yes, an terribly crooked axe pole (i could not correct it, don´t ask ;)).

It was fun to paint (still with no airbrush). I hope you like it!

Another topic are my black knight for this year´s golden demon (which is uncertain in germany). I will not stop to paint these guys, so don´t worry. I will not give up and post some progress soon. :)

Cheers, Solmar

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  1. REDAV says:

    I realy like this one because its heavy converted and has a nice antmosphere. His head rocks :D

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