Tutorial: How to prevent back-pain?

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today i´m coming to you guys with a medical tutorial wich i think could help many of you painters out there!

I want to talk about back-pain. Many of us know this scenario: You had an awesome painting session, full of painting joy. You finish, stand up and then your back is aching like hell.

Our backs dont like bent posture and punish us for bending over too much time. So how do we prevent this?

If you have a standard desk with approximately 75cm height (as i do) then you have two options:

1. Your seating surface has to be lower.

2. Your Desk surface has to be higher.

Option 1 is not really good, as you are sitting too near to the ground and get problems with your legs.

So option 2, making the desk higher is the better one. And we have plenty of solutions here.
Some may get a cheap goldsmith-desk (they are really high) or any other high desk.

I have build myself a sort of podestal out of a wooden shelf and some pillars. This was cheap and done quick and it fulfills it´s purpose as my working height is now on approx. 88cm. With this height, my back is straight and does not pain after a painting session.

Of course, my podestal is not the best looking one, but i can easily hide it under the desk or in a cupboard.

Here are some pictures:

Place without podestal
place when using the podestal
I hope this article will help you to find a solution for pleasing your back while painting. :)

3 Responses to Tutorial: How to prevent back-pain?

  1. Did you really mean how to PROVIDE back pain or rather how to PREVENT it :D
    Great solution, btw - I build something similar at my parents place, b/c their table is so low.

  2. Solmar says:

    XD Of course it should read prevent. Changed it. ;)

  3. Jainzarde says:

    Danke für die tolle Idee, ich dachte immer, ich bin der einzige, der Rückenschmerzen beim malen bekommt. ich werde das schnellstmöglich ausprobieren und bauen. Ich hoffe, meine rückenschmerzen hören beim Malen dann endlich auf und ich kann nen Malmarathon starten, den ich nciht am nächsten Morgen bereue...

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