Nurgle Dread WIP 6

Woooohooo, it´s time for ugly disease finger... uhm.. claw... urgh.. thing!

Hope you like it. Uhh.. or maybe better not! ;-)

5 Responses to Nurgle Dread WIP 6

  1. Camelson says:

    wow, man great! with this paintjob you will become to the top of painters! :)


  2. Solmar says:

    LOL! Thanks SO MUCH for your kind words. But my road is still a very long to go. But this piece is a step into the right direction :)

  3. Daith says:

    Hell, its a leap not just step :) great work so far :)

  4. Serafin says:

    I´m a big fan of your work. :)

  5. Solmar says:

    Thx so much guys! :)

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