Ask the Pros: Camelson

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today i´m coming to you guys with the first episode of my new series "Ask the Pros". You always wanted to know something of the most experienced painters? Here you get the answers!

My first "victim" is an awesome painter named Camelson, so let´s hop right into the interview:

Hi Camelson, first of all, tell us something about yourself and your painting.

Hi, I'm Jarek from Warsaw, heart of Poland. I paint since 2006, but I'm a profesional painter for about 4 years. I like to paint all kind of minis, but most minis I paint are from Games Workshop. But I love to paint also models from other manufacture like Enigma, Figone (I love King Maulg sculp!!), Degra, Andrea. Painting is a part of my life, I paint everyday. Beside painting I love to drink a beer with friends, and watch good movies ;)

Fun, bucks, fame: Are you a hobby or professional painter? What is your painting motivation?

I think a little of everything. I'm a happy guy, because this is my hobby, and my job as well. So I do what I love, and I have monies from that :) About fame, I think that everyone want to be famous, even if someone deny. But I don't feel that I'm renowned. I'm far from being as known as Bohun, Nakatan, Ana, Nano, Julien Casses, Roman Lapat, Picster, Yellowone or many other top artist didn't mention :) But I hope to be famous like them one day. So I must to work more! ^^

Where did you learn miniature painting? What is your own secret recipe?

I started my adventure with painting miniatures in 2006 in my local hobby store. First I started to play in Warhammer Fantasy Battle with Orcs & Goblins, and one day I painted my goblins on spiders, and people said that I must try to paint something else, maybe from 40k. And all next minis were nice painted :) One day I painted Boss Snikrot from 40k Orcs, and It was probably my first pro painted mini :) you can see it here my first 9.1 on CMON. It was a big success. From this mini I start to paint commissions and became a pro painter :)

My secret recipe is simple: You have to paint everyday if you want to be good painter. Important, but not necessary is try to paint with good painter, or go to MasterClass with pro painter, because if you know how to do something, you can save some time :)  I had the good opportunity, because I met on my local store some people, who are good painters. I met guys from WhiteRavenFactory studio, and Artur who inspire me a lot, what you can see on my old works. But now I try to work on my own juicy style :) So most important is, you must paint and work everyday!

Almost every of your works show incredible smooth bleedings. What technique lays behind this?

This is very simple, and there are no secrets of course :) I use only paint and water. The secret is: to first coat I always use a middle colour. If I need nice green, I mix green with black (60% green - 40% black paints), and on this layer I pot next layers with glaze technique. Most important is to do a lot of layers :) You can smoothe this with water + middle colour (of course very watered).

How did you found your style or how did it evolved. Did you want to paint very crisp or came it from itself?

I think it came from itself with time :) I started to paint with different styles, try and try and try, and finally I found juicy style, and I love it :) I always paint on black base coat, because I think on black you must paint more precisely, because if you do bad layer, it will not look good :) and this forces you to work harder.

Lets talk about tools: What paints, brushes, minis are your favorites?

My girlfriend laughs at me because I use most tools from GW, and she said that I'm a walking advertisement of GW :P But I really like paints, brushes and minis from GW :) I also use paints from Vallejo Model Colours, and P3 from Privateer Press, and I like brushes from Winsor&Newton series 7. About minis I LOVE minis from Figone, Allan Carrasco is one of my favourite sculptors. Also I like models from Enigma, Andrea, of course GW :) all in all I like all miniatures! :D And I must start to paint some historical minis. Soon :)

Who are your idols (if you have some)?

Wow, my Idos. I have many, many, maaany idols, and painters I like :) I really like your style and works you made. Your recent work has shown that you have great talent! There are a few artists who change my painting world :) Here is a small list of them:

Bohun, Ana, Yellowone, Nano, Jarhead, Kai, Julien Casses, jmpn, Derwish, Nakatan, Automaton!!, Jeremie Bonamant Teboul, Mauganra, Matt Cexwish, Allan Carrasco, Rusto, Picster, Ben Comets, of course Razza!! (I love his clear style), Artur, Emuse, Banshee, Thor, Cyril who had big impact on me, Akaranseth who inspired me to my duel of Land Speeder Storm and WraithLord, Volomir!!, Dre4mit (I love his style too!) And many, many, maaaaaannnnyyyy more! :)

Soon I will update my blog, and I do new tab about "Works that changed my painting life" and I will add some works of other painters that I like :)

And last, but not least: Do you have an advice for the painters out there, some nice words of motivation?

Dear painters from all around the world and space :) If you want to be a really good painters, you have to paint every day, and you must love what you do. And remember: work makes perfect. Everyone can be a top painter if you only want :)

Thank you so much for telling us this much about you. All Readers, be sure to visit and subscribe his Blog! Good luck to you Camelson! :)

Thanks! :)

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